What is the name of your app? *

If you don't have one, just a generic name works
What are 3-5 things the app must do to give the full value you plan? *

Things such as 1. Messaging 2. User Login etc...
What is a typical users experience using your app?

For example: User sees main page where they can click on their profile or send a message to friends can explain a direct messaging app.
What is your app's unique value proposition? *

What is unique about your app? Even if it is a business, you need to provide a good experience to have people think of you when they want to use the app. What is your hook?
What is your app's greatest strength against its competition? *

Why is your app going to be the best?
What is your app's greatest weakness against its competition? *

What is something you know is a problem and are hoping to make into a strength?
What company (or app) is your largest competitor? *

More than one are most likely, name the most scary ones (to the business of your app)
What is your first name? *

We need to identify you, this makes it pretty simple.
What is your last name? *

We need to identify you, this makes it pretty simple.
Do you have any files for us?

Things like PDFs, PowerPoint slideshows, Mockups, etc... are all helpful when looking for an idea.
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