Scope Refinement
This is used to get our team and yours on the same page. We use these answers to be the basis for our work together. Once you give your input, we will give ours and return it to you so you can respond. 
We find this is the best way to start off on the right foot. Thank you!
What is your first name? *

We need to identify you, this makes it pretty simple.
What is your last name? *

We need to identify you, this makes it pretty simple.
What is the name of your app? *

If you don't have one, just a generic name works
What are 3-5 things the app must do to give the full value you plan? *

Things such as 1. Messaging 2. User Login etc...
What is a typical users experience using your app?

For example: User sees main page where they can click on their profile or send a message to friends can explain a direct messaging app.
What is your app's unique value proposition? *

What is unique about your app? Even if it is a business, you need to provide a good experience to have people think of you when they want to use the app. What is your hook?
What is your app's greatest strength against its competition? *

Why is your app going to be the best?
What is your app's greatest weakness against its competition? *

What is something you know is a problem and are hoping to make into a strength?
What common characteristics do your core market posses? *

Are they college students, businesses, retirees, real estate investors, car enthusiasts, new moms, something else?
How old are your target customers? *

In your dreams, what is the average age of the largest portion of your userbase?
What company (or app) is your largest competitor? *

More than one are most likely, name the most scary ones (to the business of your app)
Do you see any legal worries we should all be worried about avoiding? *

We aren't lawyers, but if you are copying something, using copyrighted works, etc.. can happen and we need to work around them if possible. Just an educated guess is all we are looking for here, but be honest with yourself it will help in the end.
Finally, what is your target budget range for this sprint of development? *

This helps us set a goal for your spending on the actual coding involved in your project. Our membership is unique in that we are a team member and our goals are aligned. The more successful your app, the more successful we are and that leads us to stay as lean as possible and more importantly, FAST. 

Through our process you will be able to see exactly what is causing time-sinks in your code. This allows you the ability to trim or enhance any development sprint's budget with full knowledge and insight.

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